Tuscany Press

The award-winning independent publishing house, Tuscany Press announces the debut novel of Jeanne Lyet Gassman entitled Blood of a Stone. Set in the first century on the edges of the Roman Empire and the Jesus movement, the story brings the reader on an unforgettable journey of an escaped slave, Demetrios, fighting for his freedom.

The title’s release is slated for March of 2015 and marks the third novel released by the publisher, which is home to the Tuscany Prize for Catholic fiction, a literary prize to encourage imaginative writing with a faith perspective.

“…powerful and fast-moving tale of sin and redemption.”

– Clint McCowen, author of Haints

“Blood of a Stone feels alive on every page . . .”

–Nance Van Winckel, author of Boneland: Linked Stories

“. . . stunning evocation of 1st-century Palestine in all its teeming, multifaceted complexity . . . ” 

–Diane Lefer, co-author of The Blessing Next to the Wound

“A poignant story of self-discovery and liberty beautifully interwoven with an edgy, contemporary look at how people lived and what they felt centuries ago,”

–Peter Mongeau, founder of Tuscany Press.