The Servants of Jesus – The Divine Mercy

Client: The Servants of Jesus - The Devine Mercy

Year: 2013

The Servants of Jesus of The Divine Mercy is a Private Association of the Christian Faithful. A lay ministry of the Catholic Church founded by Catherine M. Lanni and established by Cardinal Adam Maida on Easter Sunday, 2003, The Divine Mercy Center came into existence three years later in March of 2006.

The Divine Mercy Center is a place of prayer run by the laity where works of mercy, both corporal and spiritual, are a way of life. It is a refuge from the distress, difficulties, and hardships in life. Through prayer, Holy Mass and days of reflection, the community joins together as one holy family imploring God for the Mercy He promises all His people.

Online, the community is a growing part of the New Evangelization that is truly going out into the deep. Visit them at