The Hidden Rebellion

Client: Hidden Rebellion

Year: 2014

Hidden Rebellion Official Website

The Hidden Rebellion: The Untold Story Behind the French Revolution is a new docudrama currently in production that exposes the long-forgotten Christian massacre during the populist uprising of the late 18th Century. Created by Daniel Rabourdin, an ETWN producer of 16 years, author and former host of Theology of the Table, this powerful narrative on religious liberty paints a portrait of similar battles waged today.

With filming near complete, The Hidden Rebellion has transitioned to the second phase of the project with the editing and production into a larger-than-life story on the little-known Catholic genocide of the Vendeans. Having filmed on location after a successful crowd-funding effort that raised over $35,000 between two campaigns, The Hidden Rebellion is not far from reaching audiences worldwide through the LFS grassroots partnership program. Look for this production in the Fall of 2014 and visit to learn more about you can support this amazing work.