Client: SoulCore

Year: 2013

SoulCore Project

The founders of a new Catholic spiritual fitness program are calling for an ‘activation’ in 2014 that has the enthusiastic support of Rosary devotee and Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculée Ilibagiza.

“The Rosary is such a beautiful, integral part of our faith with the power to unlock peace within our soul. As corporal beings, we can improve our body by harmonizing our physical form with our mind and soul in reflective prayer,” said Colleen Scariano, the movement’s co-founder. “SoulCore provides a powerful means to do just that by orienting our exercise toward the Divine. I recommend any Catholic interested in physical fitness or Yoga to look at SoulCore as a way to grow healthy, both physically and spiritually.”

With the flagship Marian Studio opening in October of 2013 in a Noblesville, IN based studio, SoulCore has expanded to colleges such as Purdue University, where students are emphatically embracing the spiritual core workout. Demand has grown so rapidly, SoulCore co-founders Deanne Miller and Colleen Scariano have produced a DVD available at

“We are created as body and soul and called to be stewards of both the physical and spiritual parts of our being,” said SoulCore co-founder Deanne Miller, a wife, mother of four and frequent practitioner. “We felt inspired to create a fitness movement that brings the mind, body and soul into harmony—in a manner consistent with our Catholic faith. That’s SoulCore: an exercise for body, mind and soul that activates your entire being.”