Ray Flynn

In the announcement heard ’round the world on February 11th, 2013 in which Benedict XVI shocked the world by proclaiming the upcoming sede vacante, new outlets flocked to the same stale sources for commentary. Instead of tapping the Church’s wonderful resources of spokespersons, progressive ideologues and out-of-touch academics became the sources du jour for perspective and insight on this historic moment.

Little Flower Strategies seized the moment by working to place credentialed and unique experts with news outlets, who could provide an authentic account of the Catholic reaction to the news.

Placing former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Ray Flynn with both national and regional media outlets provided Catholic and secular press offices with a valuable resource for commentary and understanding of the impact this transition would have on the evangelization and the Church as a whole.

Ambassador Ray Flynn appeared on the nationally syndicated WABC radio program hosted by Geraldo Rivera, SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel, Teresa Tomeo’s Catholic Connection, various regional radio programs including AM 680 (Boston) and News Radio 1620 (Pensacola) as well as television interviews with Fox News, NewsMax and publications such as the Boston Herald andWall Street Journal.