Love Good Music

Love Good Music is a community of music lovers who believe that good music can change the world.

In 2013, Little Flower Strategies collaborated with Mysterium Records to develop and promote a new concept in crowd-funding: an ongoing exchange that brought everyday fans of beautiful music into the fold of growing musical talent across the country. Through a modest online ad campaign and outreach to local and national media outlets, the Love Good Music campaign’s tour breathed life into so many communities nationwide.

“Fans” or “Subscribers” were vaulted into a new category: patrons. The concept united the ancient tradition of the Church and its love and support of the arts with modern musicians whose works espoused the good, the beautiful and the true. The vision is far-reaching and is bringing art and beauty back into the forefront of the music industry. That’s impacting our culture beyond what Kickstarter or IndieGogo could ever do.

Visit and become an integral part of the new music movement by helping to reclaim the soundtrack of America for Christ.

Contemporary Catholic blogs such as Prayer and PerspectiveIgnitum Today and Focus responded favorably, bringing the story to thousands of readers.
Even global outlets such as Zenit picked up the incredible story about this groundbreaking concept resulting in additional partnerships to promote the music.