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@TheologianMom Talks Contraception and Catholicism

Popularly known as “Theologian Mom” Angela Franks, PhD is the co-director of the Theological Institute for the New Evangelization at St. John’s Seminary in the Archdiocese of Boston. An acclaimed author and lecturer, Dr. Franks has recently penned an important work at the intersection of catechism, apologetics and human sexuality within our culture. With insight and clarity, Dr. Franks draws from a deep reservoir of authentic Church teaching that is so often considered but rarely communicated in a reasonable, coherent way. Her latest offering Contraception and Catholicism (2014, Pauline Media) addresses the difficult questions head on and will illumine the reader’s perspective on one of the toughest topics we deal with today.

In Angela’s “spare time” she blogs alongside fellow theologian and husband Dr. David Franks while maintaining an impressive travel schedule to lecture across the country on everything from her book, to the the topic of marriage to Margaret Sanger on which she is a noted expert. The Franks reside in the City of Boston with their six children, all of whom are home-schooled.