Saint Thérèse of Lisieux proved the “Dream Big” principle:  Though she was an unknown cloistered nun, her dream was to become a great saint. In naming her the Patroness of the New Evangelization, Pope John Paul II not only affirmed her radical wish, but called her “the greatest saint of modern times.”

Now that’s dreaming big.

Little Flower Strategies is New Marketing for the New Evangelization. Our mission is to provide cost-effective, results-driven business solutions to Amplify your message, Build your presence, Create your vision and ensure that you not only Dream Big, but transform that dream into reality.

Who We Are

Our team of dedicated individuals has over 40 years of sales, marketing, media and public relations experience. In fact, we’ve worked on major motion pictures, presented on panels and given talks at high-profile events such as the Catholic Press Association, Catholic New Media Conferences and the Napa Institute’s annual conference. We know how to generate buzz among the media and taste-makers who drive public opinion.

Victor Pap – Founder, Managing Partner

Victor Pap

Principal founder and managing partner of Little Flower Strategies, Victor Pap’s marketing, development, and communications experience spans over fifteen years in high-profile positions with statewide political campaigns, elective office, national financial institutions, and Catholic Citizenship, the Boston-based grassroots organization founded by former U.S. Ambassador Ray Flynn.

Formerly of The Maximus Group, Mr. Pap has worked on major theatrical film releases and the international distribution of independent, faith-based films on 6 continents. Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, the native of Weymouth, Massachusetts resides in his hometown along with his wife Mary and their six children.

Erika Mendoza – Senior Interpreter

Erika MendozaA native Costa Rican, Erika Mendoza holds degrees from both the National University of Costa Rica and UNC, Charlotte. As a certified educator, Ms. Mendoza has consulted on translations for public education systems within the United States and also managed advanced cultural integration programs.

Fluent in both her native Spanish and English, Erika Mendoza offers precise, accurate and professional translation services for both written and oral interpretation needs including film subtitling and promotional materials.

Jennifer Miller – Web Content Strategist

Jennifer MillerJennifer Miller has spent the last six years working in Catholic media and publishing. She is a skilled digital media strategist and an effective content creator. Jennifer is proficient in writing and editing, content development, video strategy, strategic planning and execution, digital and traditional marketing, social media, and web and email development. Her previous experience in a marketing communications agency enables Jennifer to quickly understand different organizations’ vision, voice, and goals in order to deliver effective digital media strategy. Most notably, Jennifer led the development and execution of Dynamic Catholic’s Best Lent Ever and Best Advent Ever programs, which have reached more than 1 million people.

Caitlin Dick – Partner and Chief Web Strategist

A former magazine contributor and award-winning filmmaker, Caitlin Dick is a proficient coder with extensive HTML, Java, and graphic design capabilities. Mrs. Dick’s 6-minute short, The Letter, has been translated into French, Spanish, and Slovenian and nationally broadcast on New Hope TV, reaching 800,000 homes in Bangalore, India and 3 other cities in Karnataka state.

With proficiency in Final Cut Pro 7 and beyond, Soundtrack Pro, and Motion programs for Apple, Mrs. Dick’s production expertise allows Little Flower Strategies to provide the full complement of professional video services as part of a comprehensive digital media campaign for your diocese, ministry, organization, or project.


The intricacy and detailed beauty of a rose are matched only by its power to convey a message. Does your message cut through the clutter of white noise among the millions of e-mails, tweets, links, ads and other daily distractions? We amplify our clients’ messages through a combination of effective communication techniques to ensure that your audience takes notice.


Pieces of communication are like blocks that can build upon on each other transforming your marketing missives into a comprehensive campaign that positively builds awareness. Does your campaign resemble a building under construction with a solid foundation and sound architectural planning? Or is it closer to an unorganized heap of blocks? Either scenario can always be improved and we help you build upon the most important piece of infrastructure you have–your message.


Communicating with true creativity fundamentally disrupts paradigms often with great success or tremendous failure. Harnessing creativity can establish your message as a clear alternative when everyone else goes with the grain. The goal is to make sure your message attracts instead of alienates, but it needs attention first.

Dream Big.

Dream Big. The most successful entrepreneurs, apostolates, missions and companies start out with bold dreams and work through them tirelessly. The honesty is in the grind. We’ll make a deal: Don’t give up on us and we won’t give up on you.