Digital Media

Does the task of establishing a social media presence seem daunting? Or are you looking to take your followers from 1 to 2,000,000? Either way, sometimes, you just need a plan, metrics and helpful hints. Whether you’ve never joined ‘the twitter’ or are looking to make your posts ‘go viral,’ we can help. We offer plans to enhance your social media presence a la carte or as an integrated part of an evolving communications plan. We can create, maintain or just guide your presence across platforms.

Public Relations

We can help craft, fine-tune and place your message across the entire spectrum of Catholic media from print (it’s not dead yet!) to radio to television and the blogosphere. Between our network of contacts and ability to make your message noticeable, we are a full-service communications firm that can handle launches, general promotion & publicity as well as crisis communications. We have an extensive and up-to-date library of contact information and use the most advanced technology to obtain coverage.

Grassroots Marketing

From politics to product placement to point of sale, no single method of interaction is more valuable and can translate to direct sales or promotion than direct person-to-person contact. We maintain relationships with leaders of leaders across key markets and demographics throughout the U.S. Our team can unlock collaborative channels, help develop strategic partnerships and raise your message profile to maximize opportunity and success.

Graphic Design Packages

Sometimes it’s just getting started, right? Your logo, your brand, your identity. We can help convey your vision in your terms so that your audience’s first impression is the right one. With graphic design packages starting as low as $250.00, you can get started with a sharp, professional and appealing look to your product or apostolate with ease.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Our team has over two decades of proven sales experience. We can help you develop a profitable pricing model, promote purchase opportunities (including bulk orders) and contact leads on your behalf. Our team can provide a rapid response to inquiries, educate potential buyers and facilitate purchase transactions including bulk orders to generate revenue and improve your bottom line. Our bottom line: We want you to succeed financially!

Faith-Based Marketing

Multi-Cultural Marketing

Independent Theatrical Film Distribution

Imagine the frustration an Oscar-winning filmmaker must have experienced when he couldn’t find a distributor for his breathtaking new movie. A lot’s changed since Mel Gibson had to create his own distribution company to get The Passion of the Christ into theaters. So what’s changed in a decade? For one, technological advances have brought forth the age of the independent filmmaker. In fact, the only thing that differentiates your effort from Steven Spielberg’s is vision and creativity. We provide profitable solutions to bring your movie into theaters nationwide. All we need from you is a terrific short film, documentary or full-length feature and a little hard work.

Translation Services (Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese)

Need to spread your message to two of the fastest-growing population segments in America? No problem. You won’t have any “NoVa” moments and our team can translate and proofread your materials with confidence and precision, our methodical process involves multiple sets of eyes across dialects and regions to ensure accuracy and impact.

Case Studies